About Alliance Architects

Alliance Architects is a full-service architectural firm which was formed as the result of a merger between James Childs Architects and Architecture Design Group (ADG) in 2012. The two predecessor firms had been in practice in South Bend, Indiana since 1972 and 1988, respectively. All of the principals and staff of James Childs Architects and ADG became members of the new firm.

Services offered by Alliance Architects include architectural design, interior design and urban planning. The firm focuses on its core building types of higher education, institutional, multi-family apartments, public housing and senior living developments. Sustainable design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are also specialties which the firm has developed.

The name Alliance was chosen because it speaks to the collaborative nature of architectural practice. In the view of the principals, the concept of the alliance extends beyond the in-house team to include clients, consultants, contractors and virtually everyone impacted by the work.

The principals have always shared a commitment to a “hands on”, direct principal management approach to completing projects on behalf of their clients. This involvement is recognized as both value added for the clients; as well as the source of considerable personal satisfaction for the principals themselves. The formation of Alliance has provided the support structure necessary for this tradition to continue into the future.

Alliance is currently practicing in eight states throughout the Great Lakes, east coast and southwest.


Bianca Brahimir

Bianca Brahimir Architectural Designer

Nick Catanzarite

Nick Catanzarite Architectural Designer

Becky Forsythe

Becky Forsythe Administrative Assistant

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis Engineering Designer

Kenzi Stephenson

Kenzi Stephenson Interior Designer

Derek Burks

Derek Burks Architectural Designer

Brandon Drury

Brandon Drury Architectural Designer

Emily Garcia

Emily Garcia Architectural Designer

Alice Hiniker

Alice Hiniker Architectural Designer

Judi O'Connell

Judi O'Connell Administrative Assistant

Giorgia Tasinazzo

Giorgia Tasinazzo Architectural Designer

Michael Eggen

Michael Eggen Senior Architect

Jaime Gutierrez

Jaime Gutierrez Architectural Intern

Luis Olguin

Luis Olguin Architectural Designer

Debbie Carlson

Debbie Carlson Administrative Assistant

Rezk Henen

Rezk Henen Engineering Designer

Nat S. Natarajan

Nat S Natarajan Senior Engineer